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Welcome to the galaxy of StarGlyph, where comfort meets cosmic coolness in our premium tees. Adorned with a unique star glyph, these tees are designed for those who wish to shine bright in the crowd. But just as every star needs the dark void to truly dazzle, our tees need the right care to maintain their celestial glow.


  1. Wash Gentle: To preserve the stunning star glyph, always opt for a gentle wash cycle, or even better, hand wash. The cosmos doesn't rush, neither should you.

  2. Cold is Gold: Always use cold water for washing. Like the cool vacuum of space cradling stars, cold water helps maintain the shirt's color and design integrity.

  3. Flip the Script: Turn your tee inside out before washing. This simple step shields the star glyph from direct exposure to washing conditions, keeping it shining for longer.

  4. Avoid the Dryer: Air-dry your StarGlyph Tee. Heat can compromise the vibrancy and structure of the design. Like a star, let it dry in its own time, preserving its radiant glory.

  5. Iron Low: When ironing, set the heat to low and never iron directly on the design. Even stars avoid getting too close to others.

With StarGlyph, you're not just wearing a tee, you're wearing a piece of the cosmos. Care for it right, and let your star shine bright. StarGlyph Tee: For the stargazers who care.

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