What is Parlour?

Parlour is the brand name of the e-commerce marketplace operated by the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT). The Parlour e-commerce marketplace consists of a website ( together with supporting IT, logistics and payment infrastructure, which offers services including the ability to browse and purchase products; the ability to pay for products via cash, bank transfer or credit card; the ability to have purchased products delivered to a stated address.

Who are Sellers?

Sellers are referred to as the entity which sells its products through online retail stores on the Parlour e-commerce marketplace. Sellers must register for a Parlour Seller Account to use the marketplace and sell products to customers. Sellers will also set up their own online retail store to sell their products through the Parlour e-commerce marketplace.  Sellers are also obligated to accept the terms of the Seller Agreement, which governs the relationship between the Seller and TSTT.

What is the purpose of these Security Guidelines?

To provide guidance to Sellers on best practice measures they should adapt to safeguard their Seller Account information.


What are the Security Guidelines?

The security of a Seller’s Account is important because it is central to a Seller’s business.

The following best practices are recommended to reinforce the security of a Seller’s Account:

1. A Two-Step Verification process is required to access all Seller Accounts. The Seller first enters their Account password and then completes a reCAPTCHA security verification.

2. Sellers are encouraged to pick strong passwords which are different for each Seller Account and should change their passwords regularly.

Sellers should:

·         Not choose the same password for each Account.

·         Use adequately long, and complex password made up of numbers, letters, and symbols.

·         Avoid using publicly available information (For example: a Seller’s phone number) in their passwords.

3. Sellers should ensure the email address, or the mobile number used to sign-in to the Seller’s Account is up to date. Sellers can contact Parlour’s Customer Experience Team via email ( for more information on how to change their email address or password.

4. Should a Seller’s business have multiple users, then each user should be set up and given limited privileges to access the Seller’s Accounts. Sellers should ensure that they regularly review secondary users who have access to their Account and revoke access to users who no longer need access.

5. Seller’s should review their notification settings and ensure that they have the required setup to receive notifications of important actions being taken on their Account.

6. Seller’s should beware of phishing (“phishing” is a form of fraud in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity or person in email or other forms of communication. Attackers will commonly use phishing emails to distribute malicious links or attachments that can perform a variety of functions).

7. Seller’s will never be asked to verify sensitive information via email. Sellers should submit such information only when completing an order on Parlour’s website, registering to sell on Parlour, or updating account information.

8. If a Seller is ever in doubt about the authenticity of an email prompting for information or credentials on their online store, a Seller should visit Parlour’s website directly by typing the address into their browser bar, rather than clicking any links.

To find out more about Parlour's efforts to combat fraudulent email, refer to Parlour’s FAQ Page.


What if a Seller’s Account is compromised?

1. If a Seller believes their Parlour account has been compromised, the steps below should be followed:

  • The Seller shall contact Parlour’s Customer Experience Team via email ( to make a report.
  •  The Seller shall change their Seller login password. If the Seller is not able to login to their account, the Seller should immediately contact Parlour’s Customer Experience Team via email ( or Click Here to chat with us.

The Seller shall also review the following information in the Seller Account to determine if any changes have been made:

1. Email address preferences

2. Payment information

3. User permissions

4. Parlour storefront details

5. Listing and condition notes

6. Last activity log

2. In the event a Seller’s email account has been compromised, the Seller should consider changing the email address associated with their account and use a different password for their email account.

3. If Sellers receive emails or links which are suspected to be phishing attempts, the Sellers should report such attempts to Parlour’s Customer Experience Team via email ( For more information, refer to Parlour’s FAQ Page.


What if I want to transfer my Parlour Seller Account?

1. Parlour Seller Accounts are not transferable.

2. Parlour Seller Accounts provide access to the tools and resources that Sellers use to list their products and manage their orders.

3. Parlour Seller Accounts also include account activity history and customer feedback.

4. Every Seller utilizing the Parlour e-commerce marketplace must have a Parlour Seller Account and a Seller Agreement which establishes the terms under which the Seller lists and sells their products.

5. Should the ownership of a business changes for any reason, the new owner must establish a new Parlour Seller Account.

6. If, the ownership of a business did not change but the individuals responsible for managing the Parlour Seller Account have changed, Sellers can add users to the Parlour Seller Account.


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