Seller Frequently Asked Questions

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Parlour Caribbean is a multivendor ecommerce platform. We connect Sellers and their products to Shoppers and help Sellers expand their online presence. We handle payment processing and delivery on your behalf and provide greater visibility for you and your store through our Marketing efforts.

It's easy, start by choosing your tier from our Seller Packages. Once you have decided, click on the “Get Started” button and complete our Seller Registration. If you need more information, please email us at

There are 4 tiers available for Seller Packages on Parlour. They are: Starter, Pro, Growth and Enterprise. If you would like to learn more, check out our Seller Packages.

Parlour schedules your payouts once per week. We process payouts on Thursday of each week by 4pm. Payouts are made on orders that have been delivered to Shoppers and have not received any refund/exchange requests for 7 days after delivery. All payouts are made via Bank Transfer to your bank accounts.

To complete your registration and sell on Parlour, use this checklist:

      1. Business Logo; 2. Business Description; 3. Business Address (Package Collection); 4. Bank Account; 5. Email Address; 6. Contact Number; 7. Product Images (White Background); 8. Product Prices; 9. Product Descriptions

Subscriptions are due monthly and must be pre-paid each month. The invoice for your subscription will be generated on the anniversary date of your store opening on Parlour, every thirty days. Sellers have seven (7) business days to pay their subscription fees, after which penalties may apply.

Sellers can pay for their subscription by credit card via the Parlour portal or by bank transfer.

Sellers can request changes to their plans by contacting our CX Team who will assess the request and guide you to the best option.

This is a Pay-as-You-Go (Go) offering made available to certain Sellers on specific tiers. This allows you to customise the type of support you need and receive a formal quote from our CS Team after consultation.

Parlour has 2 delivery options available:

    Odeliver - 2-3 day delivery, with the option of Payment on Delivery; TTPost - 3-7 day delivery

We deliver throughout Trinidad and Tobago. While there are some areas that we are unable to deliver to, we work with our Shoppers to arrange for alternate drop off locations.

We collect from Sellers throughout Trinidad and Tobago. While there are some high-risk areas that we may not be able to action collection, we work with you to arrange for alternate pick-up locations.

The delivery charges are paid by the Shopper and are based on the Shoppers choice for speed or cost.

Our 2-3 day delivery option ranges from $45-$65 and is dependent on the delivery location. Our 3-7 day delivery option costs a flat rate of $35

Currently Parlour does not allow delivery of live items and perishable food items. Packages sent via out delivery partners must also:

  • Weigh less that 55lbs; Not surpass a box dimension of 4 feet by 4 feet

Parlour offers a wide range of categories for Sellers and Shoppers, once it is legal it can be sold on Parlour. Our only restrictions (currently) are the non-delivery of live items and perishable food items.

There is a cap to the number of items you can list in your store, depending on the Seller Package you choose. We recommend that Sellers pay close attention to not only the items they list but manage the inventory to fulfil orders.

On Parlour we provide Shoppers with a wide variety of categories, if you have items across different categories you are welcomed at Parlour. We recommend paying close attention to correctly tagging your products, to ensure they're listed in the right category and can be easily found by Shoppers.

It all depends on you. We provide you with access to your Seller Account 24 hours after receiving your registration. You also receive access to Parlour University (Parlour U) where you can access courses, reading material and videos to help you learn about Parlour and the steps to opening your store.

You are the boss, and in full control of your store! You manage your orders, products, inventory, and prices. Parlour provides all necessary learning tools to equip you with the skills to manage your store.

Parlour provides "Welcome to Parlour" posts for Instagram and Facebook that you can use on your platforms. If you are interested in Parlour developing your social media posts, you can select it as an added, pay-as-you-go service. Reach out to our Customer Success Team at to learn more.

Yes, you can, Parlour wants to ensure a fair, honest and transparent shopping experience for Shoppers and Sellers. If at any time you feel you were unfairly targeted, or reviewed, please reach out to our CX Team via or by sending us a message through our Message Centre to start an investigation.

At Parlour we are customer-obsessed and encourage our Sellers to be as well. We believe in honest, fair, and transparent interactions between our Shoppers and Sellers. You can find more info on our Terms and Conditions as well as other guidelines in our HELLO section.

You can contact our Customer Experience Team Team via: WhatsApp at 727-5687 (PAR-LOUR), Phone 780-7757 / 781-7757 / 782-7757
Email or our Message Centre