Leopard Print Seamless Underwear (3 pack)

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Leopard Print Seamless Underwear (3 pack)
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These are light absorbency (leopard print) to moderate (solid black), leakproof, seamless panties, also known as period panties. Our light absorbency underwear can hold the liquid volume equivalent of one regular pad/tampon, making them suitable as last day wear or as a back-up to any alternative means of protection.

While our moderate absorbency (solid black) underwear can hold up to 3 regular tampons/pads.

Period panties can be used in place of your pads or tampons during your monthly flow. They are also useful for: absorbing sweat during workouts, maternity and postpartum use and persons that experience incontinence from time to time.

It comes in a pack of three (3).

Option #1: one pink leopard-print, one blue leopard-print and 1 solid black panty.

Option #2: one pink or blue leopard-print and 2 solid black panties.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are period panties?
Period panties look and feel like your regular underwear, but they are leakproof underwear, which means you don’t have to wear a pad, a tampon or menstrual cup if you wear them during your period. You can bleed straight into them, and they won’t leak through to your clothes.

2. How long can you wear period panties for?
Our period panties can be worn for up to 10 hours straight, but you know your flow best!


3. How much blood can they hold?
We have different styles of period panties depending on your flow.
High Absorbency – absorbs approximately 20-30 ml, or the equivalent of 4 tampons worth of liquid.
Medium Absorbency- absorbs approximately, 15 ml-20ml, or the equivalent of 2-3 tampons worth of liquid.
Light Absorbency-absorbs approximately 5 ml-10ml, or the equivalent of 1 tampon’s worth of liquid.


4. How do you wash period panties?
Washing your period underwear shouldn’t be complicated! We designed our products to be super easy to wash and care for. For best results, machine wash period panties on a cold cycle with mild detergent. Then, tumble dry on low heat.
Pro tips: Don’t use softener or bleach, and never machine dry or iron.


5. Do my period panties have any antibacterial treatment or PFA?
The simple answer is no. We don’t use any added antibacterial spray or silver treatment, nor do our period pants contain any harmful PFAs. They are safe for you, your health, sea animals and the environment.


6. Do I need to wear a pad or tampons with leakproof underwear?
Depending on the level of absorbency of Leakproof period underwear you choose and the heaviness of your flow, you can wear our period panties on their own or as backup protection along with a menstrual cup, pad or tampon.

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