Dispatch Team
We are here to make sure that packages reach our Shoppers in the time promised, and are handled with great care while they're enroute. We work with our Sellers to coordinate pick ups and oversee deliveries. We are here to help move orders from our Sellers to our Shoppers, easily and efficiently.

CX Team
We are focused on the Customer Experience (CX) of both our Shoppers and Sellers. We are here to provide support, with the answers and solutions needed to ensure our Shoppers and Sellers have a seamless experience when using any of Parlour's services. We are here to listen, and rely on feedback to constantly improve the Parlour experience.

CS Team
We support Customer Success (CS) through guiding our Sellers to the best packages and add-on services that match their business needs. We act as business account managers, and value our relationships with our Sellers. For us, a Seller's success is our success.

Onboarding Team
We know setting up an online business isn't an easy transition for everyone. For those who need more attention and guidance, we provide access to the tools and answers needed to understand Parlour. We are here to help our Sellers start and grow their businesses. Through Parlour University (Parlour U), we work to improve our training content and approach to benefit our new Sellers.

QA Team
We take the promises we make to our Sellers and Shoppers very seriously. We work to ensure our customers, teams and services meet our high standards of quality. We track and measure performance, and advocate and recommend for constant improvements.

Finance Team
We make sure that all transactions conducted on Parlour are safe and accurate. We guard schedules closely and ensure our Sellers receive their payouts when promised.

BI Team
We value Business Intelligence (BI), analysing data and providing useful information to our teams and Sellers. We use data and technology to improve our services, drive innovation and to help our Sellers do more business.