Fenugreek & Flaxseed Hair Growth Cream

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Fenugreek & Flaxseed Hair Growth Cream
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A good hair moisturizer is what helps it thrive and keeps it bouncy, defined, and smooth. Your scalp is an extension of your skin, which needs water for sheer survival. Naturally, the hairs that grow from it benefit when properly hydrated as well.
Flaxseed is a reliable source of B vitamins, a group of nutrients that are known for making your hair grow stronger and healthier at a more rapid rate. Vitamin E. This is antioxidant is also readily available in nuts and plant-based oils.
Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of iron and protein — two essential nutrients for hair growth. They also contain a unique composition of plant compounds, including flavonoids and saponins. These compounds are presumed to induce hair growth due to their anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects.
Benefits of using our Fenufreek & Flaxseed Hair Growth Cream:
  • Boost hair growth
  • Promotes longer and thicker hair strands
  • Moisturize hair & scalp
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Anti-fungal
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Fights dandruff
Ingredients: Water, Shea Butter, Flaxseeed, Fenugreek infused Coconut Oil, BTMS, Stearic Acid, Castor Oil, Dl panthenol, Glycerine, Preservative , Fragrance
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