Organic Baby Line

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Organic Baby Line 

By Angelena Bain et Corps 

Your Baby’s skin is delicate and something this leads to them developing skin conditions, but they don't have to.  Angelena Bain et Corps, has a full Organic Baby Skin Care Line that may help.

• Soothing Baby Bath Treatment (4oz/120ml)

This colloidal oat based treatment is added to their bath water dissolving easily. Angelena Bain et Corps Soothing Baby Bath Treatment can assist with the treatment of heat rash, eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin or simply in  maintaining non problematic skin. 

•Baby Body Oil (8oz/240ml)

This 100% natural baby oil stands to it's word and has absolutely no mineral oils, chemicals or artificial fragrances. It can be used as a head to toe baby oil to ligthly moisturize your baby's body after their bath or for that bonding baby massage time.

•Natural Vaseline Jelly (4oz/120ml)

This Natural Vaseline Jelly has no petroleum/gasolineWould you go to the pump in a gas station and rub the petroleum on your skin? Then why put it on your babies diaper area? Angelena Bain et Corps  Natural Vaseline Jelly is made from a base of 100% organic cold processed castor oil, that can be applied to any part of your precious little one's skin and yours. Plus the cocoa butter formula is great for that sensitive bust area during breastfeeding time. 

•Baby Body Butter (4oz/120ml)

Additionally moisture protection for newborns to adults with extremely sensitive skin.  Angelena Bain et Corps baby butter has a mild shea butter base and is lightly scented with lavender oil and whipped to perfection, to offer you exceptional gentle moisturizing protection. 

•Organic Baby Soap

Our Organic Body Soap has cocoa butter, shea butter, colloidal oats and more to cleanse delicate soft skin. #AngelenaBainetCorps we made these into cute soaps bars, that fit easily into little hands, so teaching your toddler how to take care of themselves can also be added fun.

Angelena Bain et Corps, Organic Baby Line is better because it is made with 100% natural ingredients. Meaning NO pesticides, chemicals, mineral oils and other harmful ingredient


Angelena Bain et Corps, natural skin care products. 

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